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Vegetable processing production line rectification of the farmers market

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Vegetable processing production line rectification of the farmers market
Latest company news about Vegetable processing production line rectification of the farmers market

Vegetable processing production line in order to solve the farmers' market fruits and vegetables garbage jargon phenomenon. Since the vegetable processing production line, the feeling of vegetables into the market, reduce a lot of garbage on the vegetable market environment has been greatly improved.
Because after cutting increased material breathing area, destruction of the tissue, make the bacteria easily penetrated, in order to ensure the shelf life, generally do not make products without cutting, cutting and cutting the harm must go through the next bubble cleaning machine for floating drum gas cleaning, such a procedure has certain efficiency to the surface of the product of pesticide residues at the same time, can be added to the amount of chemicals in this process, the disinfection (such as Nacl, ClO2, O3) solid color, prolong the shelf life, complete cleaning.
Vegetable processing production line characteristics
1, it is suitable for cleaning, soaking, sterilizing, fixing and fixing granular, leafy and rhizome products such as leafy vegetables, edible fungi, fruits, aquatic products and Chinese herbal medicine.
2. The operation is simple, the maintenance is convenient and the connection is convenient.
3. The main stainless steel in this machine is made of 2mm thick 304 stainless steel.
The price of vegetable processing vegetable processing production line is the harvest of fresh vegetables, washing, draining, selecting the segmentation or segmentation. To enter the market of fresh, beautiful and clean, neat and uniform, can reduce the exclusion of catering waste, saving time and energy. Various vegetables collocation sales, consumers can enjoy a variety of delicious fruits and vegetables in the same package.

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