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The use and characteristics of water bath sterilizer

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The use and characteristics of water bath sterilizer
Latest company news about The use and characteristics of water bath sterilizer

Water bath type sterilization machine is suitable for various types of cryogenic products, carnivorous sausage, ham sausage, canned fruit, pickles, pickles, pickled vegetables, pickled vegetables, bean paste, pickled cabbage, mustard, wild vegetables, jam, soy products, dairy products, canned food, soft hose vacuum soft packaging bottles, glass bottle packaging sterilization. It is also suitable for the blanching or cooking of fruit mountain vegetable and other special fruit and vegetable.
Price use of water bath sterilizer
(1) suitable for germicidal types: yellow peach, orange, pear, apple, low temperature meat, wild vegetables, edible fungi, vegetables, pickles, pickles, pickles, etc.
(2) the applicable type of sterilization: 200g, 250g, 500g and so on
(3) pipeline by vacuum curing machine, gas bath cleaning machine, vacuum packaging machine, pasteurization machine, cooling machine.
(4) the ratio of equipment and materials: 304 stainless steel and carbon steel
The water bath sterilizer is made of SUS304 material. The main components consist of transport scraper, body, piping system, electric control system and so on. The spindle is rotated through the chain, and the material is transported to the designated location. It can control the rotational speed with variable frequency and adjust the sterilization time arbitrarily. The equipment is mainly used in the sterilization of PE/PP plastic bottles and jelly.
Product features of water bath sterilizer:
1, the overall use of 304 stainless steel, safe and sanitary;
2. By pasteurization, the original quality can be maintained and the shelf life is long.
3, using automatic temperature control, frequency converter regulation, automatic pipeline degree is high, labor intensity bottom, can select the computer full automatic control system;
4. The equipment is used, the maintenance is convenient and the appearance is beautiful.

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