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A summary of the main equipment of the canned production line

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A summary of the main equipment of the canned production line
Latest company news about A summary of the main equipment of the canned production line

The main equipment of canned fruit production line is: empty tank washing machine, sugar pot, Chu Cunguo, milk pump, double filter, spurting code conveyor belt, soup conveyor belt, sealing machine (purchased), pasteurized low temperature sterilizer, canning machine, labeling machine, wiring conveyor belt and so on.
The air tank washing machine is used to clean and disinfect the empty tank before the canister is loaded. The inverted empty tank is washed by spraying and spraying up and down, and the oil pollution magazine is removed and sent to steam disinfection to meet the requirements of the food hygiene level.
Sugar cooker: it is suitable for dissolving and disinfection of milk, syrup, fruit juice, food and other substances, heating and cooking and heat preservation. The stainless steel inner cylinder head consists of a pan to form a heat transfer interlayer. The exterior is polished and packed with stainless steel, and the surface is beautiful and generous. The dissolved substance and cold water are placed in the pot, and the steam enters the interlayer to achieve the purpose of heating and melting. The pipe connected with the interlayer is equipped with a pressure gauge into the safety valve to determine the pressure in the interlayer and ensure the safety of the production.
Storage pot: used to store the forthcoming canned oranges.
Pasteurized low temperature sterilizer: using high temperature water to sterilize bottled food, make the inside and outside temperature uniform and set the right sterilization temperature according to the characteristics of food. The equipment is equipped with a circulating water pump to make the bactericidal water in a circular state without a dead angle.
Characteristics of canned orange production line
The line is made of high quality stainless steel material, not only has the fruit size grading accuracy, little damage, clean water, fruit removal juluo separation, selection and canning is convenient, but also has the characteristics of continuous production, sluice automation and high production efficiency, low labor intensity, convenient cleaning, safety and sanitation, water saving. Is one of the preferred equipment for production line of canned fruit.

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