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How to achieve water saving and energy saving by spray sterilizer

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How to achieve water saving and energy saving by spray sterilizer
Latest company news about How to achieve water saving and energy saving by spray sterilizer

Spray sterilizing machine with circulating hot water spray sterilization, warm water pre cooling, cold water cooling and other treatments, with water and heat etc.; realize the automatic bottle and the bottle, to fully automated production line, all body is made of SUS304 material, beautiful appearance, excellent manufacture, stable operation, easy to use.
Price characteristics of spray sterilizer
1. multi process combination, the process is reasonable, can handle a variety of materials;
2. the frequency conversion control of the total processing time can be adjusted according to the production process.
3., the automatic packaging and discharging mechanism for non-circular PP bottles, plastic bags, rooftop cartons, glass bottles and cans can be automatically configured, and the connection with the automatic production line is smooth.
The fuselage is made of stainless steel plate, and the operation is stable and reliable, and the appearance is beautiful and generous.
The spray germicidal machine is also called the tunnel germicidal machine and the temperature bottle machine. It is mainly used for atmospheric sterilization of various bottled beverages, canned beverages, canned fruits and vegetables, and can also be used for PET bottles of tea drinks, fruit juice drinks, hot filled cooling and steam bottles for beer and beer. The equipment is treated by circulating hot water spraying sterilization, warm water circulation pre cooling and cooling water spray cooling three stages. In the specific design, multi-stage temperature zone is used for recycling and insulation technology is adopted to achieve the purpose of water saving and energy saving.


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