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Flexible packaging sterilization machine control

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Flexible packaging sterilization machine control
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Soft packaging sterilization machine for products, packaging containers and packaging materials, packaging material and auxiliary packages and so on were killing the microorganisms, reduced to the allowed range of machines. The viscosity of the product range is great, 1~14 use pH value, suitable for aseptic production of fresh milk, pasteurized milk, yogurt, milk, fruit juice, tea beverage color, Wine, ice cream, soy milk, milk beverage, milk, butter, jam, longevity and other products, the UHT sterilization system after processing products in packaging under aseptic and its quality or freshness can be maintained for 3~6 months at room temperature (do not add any preservatives), avoid cold chain; sterilization machine is designed for laboratory research institutions universities and production units to obtain test data; the casing type complete sterilization system, complete sterilization plate system: for fruit and vegetable juice, puree. Concentrated juice, milk, fruit juice or continuous sterilization of similar products.
Soft packing sterilizer
1, control mode: using microcomputer intelligent automatic control, control sterilization pressure, temperature, time;
2, ultra temperature automatic protection: over set temperature, automatically cut off the heating power;
3, door safety chain device: inner chamber pressure, door cover can not open, patent device;
4, low water level alarm: water shortage can automatically cut off the power supply, sound and light alarm, import water detection device;
5, leakage protection: the configuration of leakage protection device.

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