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Vegetable processing production line to improve vegetable health index

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Vegetable processing production line to improve vegetable health index
Latest company news about Vegetable processing production line to improve vegetable health index

Vegetable processing production line, the so-called net is to pollution-free vegetables as raw materials, in the low temperature environment suitable for the processing, storage, sales have a shelf life, high quality, convenient health, fresh vegetable commodity, its edible ratio is extremely high (> 90%), can be directly used for cooking. With the improvement of people's living standard and the acceleration of modern life rhythm, people's demand for vegetables is not only good and fresh, but also requires more and more convenience for food. In addition, a large amount of vegetable waste caused by the listing of vegetables not only affects urban environmental sanitation, but also increases the cost of transportation. Therefore, the need to study and solve the problem of vegetable processing.
Vegetable processing vegetable processing production line is the harvest of fresh vegetables, washing, draining, selecting the segmentation or segmentation. To enter the market of fresh, beautiful and clean, neat and uniform, can reduce the exclusion of catering waste, saving time and energy. Various vegetables collocation sales, consumers can enjoy a variety of delicious fruits and vegetables in the same package.
The process is as follows: vegetable processing production line, cleaning, sorting, grading selection, preservation, segmentation dehydration, sterilization, packaging and storage, according to the production process of clean vegetable production line can be divided into 6 parts: the selection of cleaning, grading, sorting the segmentation, preservation, dehydration sterilization, packaging and storage part. The specific equipment is composed of soaking pool, blower cleaning machine, sprinkling pool, sand bar filter, cutter, centrifugal dehydrator, ultraviolet sterilizer, vacuum packer and refrigerating chamber.

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